Virtual Learning Program

Pulteney Grammar School provides an innovative model of schooling that enables our school to move with your needs. While our campus continues to operate as usual, Pulteney@Home gives students and teachers access to the best possible mix of online tools matched by onsite support services to allow students’ learning to continue uninterrupted.


We understand that life can be unpredictable and at times you may need a temporary virtual learning platform from time to time. Whatever the reason, our online learning platform is the same as in our physical classrooms. If the need arises, students will still have access to the same high-calibre teaching staff and resources.




Student Wellbeing

Pulteney@Home is an extension of schooling at Pulteney that ensures students are able to work from home on some days and attend school on other days to support their best learning interests. If you need to investigate school from home options, please download the student and parent handbooks, and contact Pulteney to discuss the opportunity further.

These are just some key points for consideration.


Establish a virtual learning routine from day one using the timetable/schedule provided to set regular hours of school. It helps to wear something identifiable as part of the school uniform.


Our Pulteney@Home student timetables include regular breaks for activity, eating and drinking. It’s important to encourage students to get up and move around during breaks.


Your home can be a place of ongoing homelife activity. It’s important to find a consistent and quiet place where students can focus on their lessons with minimal distractions.


If you feel that your child does not understand something or has questions, please encourage them to interact as they would in the classroom by asking their teacher and classmates online.


Social interaction is always important. With your guidance, encourage your child to connect over the phone, text messaging, social media and other opportunities to continue contact.

Pulteney@Home Handbooks

Pulteney is more than just a school – it’s a strong, diverse and supportive community.
Whether at school or at home, our students will always have the support they need to thrive.


Student Handbook

Download this handbook for a full overview of what students can expect from Pulteney@Home, including virtual learning principles, a typical virtual school day, lesson structure, wellbeing, and IT support for all ages and stages of learning at Pulteney.
Student Handbook


Parent Handbook

Download this handbook for a full overview of how parents can help to facilitate and make the most of Pulteney@Home. This handbook includes an outline of expectations and responsibilities for parents, key priorities, online advice and ensuring student wellbeing.
Parent Handbook

Key Contacts & Links

Pulteney Grammar is committed to the community we support that extends far beyond our school gates. At home or at school, we are connected and contactable at every level. You’re invited to speak to whoever you feel will be able to best support your needs, including the Principal, Deputy Principals, Heads of Schools, Learning Area Leaders, Teachers and Staff.


If you’re not sure who to contact, simply call Pulteney direct on 08 8216 5555 or view our support contact list.

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Of course, there’s no better way to get a feel for Pulteney than taking a guided tour of our school in person. You can join one of our scheduled Principal’s Tours which includes junior and senior tours guided by the Principal, Heads of Schools and students themselves. You can also book a personal tour with the Principal.

Visit our booking page for more details.

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Pulteney Grammar School offers an open invitation for parents and children to attend a series of Principal’s Tours throughout the year, followed by light refreshments and a chance to discuss our school in more detail. You can also book a personal tour with the Principal.
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